Listening Post is your go-to platform for monitoring, analyzing, and researching the ever-expanding world of audio and video content.


Stay ahead of the curve in news, politics, tech, and business—where it all happens first, on podcasts and an expanding network of video channels.

Listening Post

Listening Post is your go-to, AI-powered hub for tapping into the pulse of influential podcasts and an expanding landscape of online video channels. We monitor, analyze, and archive what’s trending, so staying informed is easy.


Monitoring and shaping the online conversation can be a monumental task.

Sifting through thousands of chaotic channels feels like finding needles in a haystack. Not to mention the hassle of converting audio and video to text, and the clunky, outdated tools that make smart actionable analysis a chore.


Discover a whole new content universe with our cutting-edge, AI-powered platform.

We make it easy to sift through the expanding landscape of online audio and video. Get instant notifications when your key topics or phrases surface in a podcast or other monitored channel. Uncover previously hidden gems in the vast sea of information, or just get the satisfying edge of beating everyone else to understanding an emerging narrative.


Listening Post currently monitors a diverse range of sources, such as:

  • Podcasts
  • Expanding networks of video channels
  • State legislative feeds
  • Online ad archives from major platforms